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Good Skin Ampoule Cream (Ampoule Cream)
From Nature Republic

Cream Ampul, 5 formulas for the first time in Thailand With an innovative, rich cream texture at Ampool level
Effectively nourishes the skin Solve skin problems on the spot with Good Skin Nature Republic.
You can also use it alone, double use, and you can choose a formula that meets your skin problems that you want to maintain!

There are 5 formulas.
1. Mineral: Provides moisture. But not sticky
Refreshed with minerals from sea water. Add nutrients to the skin
[Cream gel formula: suitable for normal skin - combination skin - oily skin]

2. Lacto (Lacto): Restores the skin's protective barrier.
Transform weak and healthy skin with Lactobacillus.
And Bifida ready to add moisture to the skin
[Yoghurt cream: suitable for normal skin - dry skin - very dry skin]

3. Ceramide: restore weak skin to be strong.
Helps skin retain moisture for longer.
Change dry skin to soft and moist. Deep nourishment to the skin cell structure
[Rich formula: suitable for sensitive skin - dry skin - very dry skin]

4. Propolis: reduce inflammation, acne, radiant skin.
Look healthy with Propolis extracts and pure honey concentrate.
[Light royal jelly cream: suitable for people with acne and normal skin]

5.Peptide (peptide): reduce wrinkles Tighten sagging skin
Nourishes the skin to be juicy, bouncy, soft, fluffy, look healthy, lively, smooth and delicate skin.
[The Peptide formula has been tested to have anti-aging properties]

[All formulas passed the irritation test from Korea Dermatology Institute]